Industries Served

For the past 10 years, Baelz NA has supplied companies of all sizes with a full range of industrial products and solutions. Baelz components are reliable and efficient solutions that offer long service life and require minimum maintenance.

As the official distributor of W. Baelz & Sohn GmbH & Co., Baelz North America provides automatic components and engineered systems for clients across North American region. We provide specialized products and support regarding product selection and sizing according to your application’s requirements.

We have a large available inventory in the US. All of our products are factory tested and certified prior to distribution. Baelz North America can supply MTRs (mill test reports) for valves and flanges, and we adhere to CSA standards for Canadian customers.


Wood IndustryWood Industry

Wood-drying and wood-pressing applications require automated valves and steam ejectors to handle thermal fluid process loops as well as high and low-pressure steam. Learn More

Food & Beverage Industry

The food industry uses our steam and thermal oil valves as well as our flanged water ejectors in ovens, malt producers, food mashers, kiln dryers, wort boilers, and milk powder processors. Learn More

Marine Industry

Marine applications require temperature controllers and electronic rotary actuators to operate within a positioning feedback loop. Such setups offer precise liquid flow regulation and control, meeting specialized application requirements in the marine industry. Learn More

Automotive Industry

Baelz North America valves, valve automation systems, and water ejectors appear in a variety of typical and specialized automotive industry applications. Our products form essential components of industrial cooling and heating systems, especially to control thermal fluid, water, and steam flow in air curtains. Additionally, heating systems and steam/liquid-mixing applications rely on our specialized flanged water ejectors for efficient and safe operation. Learn More

Power Plants

Steam heating supplies and heat exchanger applications in power plants use a number of different Baelz valve and ejector components to regulate thermal oil, cool and heat water, and circulate steam. Additionally, power plant managers rely on our steam-to-liquid ejectors to heat water via direct steam ejection, and they also use these components to recirculate, cool, and reduce steam buildup.

Chemical Industry

The chemical industry use heating systems for chemical synthesis, polymerization, and reaction catalysis, and these heating systems rely on our valves to handle thermal oil and steam. Our steam/water ejectors also help with saturated steam generation and cooling superheated steam.

Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Large water volumes in water and wastewater treatment facilities require efficient flow control valves, especially because the unpredictable nature and quantity of contaminants in these facilities necessitates sanitary flow regulation. Baelz valves can hold up in against a wide range of bacteria and pH levels, reducing the need for unplanned maintenance.

Why choose Baelz North America?

With Baelz North America, you can expect quality industrial valve solutions at competitive prices and benefits including short lead times, large available inventories, and assistance with product selection and sizing. Request a quote today to discover Baelz’ unique solutions for your industrial automation, valve, and ejector needs.

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