Valve Repair Kits

Industrial valves are a critical part of production and ensure consistent operation. Failure of industrial valves can cause unanticipated system and production shutdowns resulting in costly repairs and loss of profits. To minimize the cost of these delays, it is important to repair failed valves and resume operation as quickly as possible.

At Baelz North America, we stock repair kits for all of our 2-way and 3-way valves to support minimal downtime. In addition to delivering these kits to your facility for on-site self-repairs, we also offer services at our facility in Atlanta, Georgia, for specific types of valves.

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What’s in the Repair Kit?

1. Spindle

One spindle with stainless steel rods that contain threads at both ends. These components are ordered specific to the valve model and type.

Note: Before ordering a spindle for your existing valve, check your valve’s specification sheet for the part number (i.e., DN## as well as the indicator B/BB or BK/BBK) to ensure the correct spindle is chosen for your valve.

2. Stuffing Box

A selection of valve components, including O-Rings, a set of PTFE rings, shim rings, pressure spring, and DU sleeves.

All of our repair kits are stocked in and shipped from our facility located in Marietta, GA, USA.


valve repair kit

Advantages of Valve Repair

Repairing a damaged or failed valve provides a number of benefits, including:

  • Longer service life for the valve and actuator
  • Lower risk of system-wide failure
  • Minimize unanticipated downtime — lower risk of significant costs and profit losses
  • Cost savings versus the purchase of a new valve

Depending on the specifications of your application, repairs can be done on-site at your facility by using our repair kits or, in some cases, by our technicians at our facility. If we can repair your valve, you can ship it to our location for prompt repairs. We can also perform hydro testing and inspections on all repaired valves to ensure they meet all pressure requirements.


Contact Baelz North America for Valve Repair Kits

As valves are critical components of many industrial processes, they require periodic inspection, repair and sometimes full replacement.

If you would like assistance determining the right action for your failed valve or wish to order a valve repair kit, contact us or request a quote today.

Our tech specialists at Baelz NA can help you determine which appropriate level of service you may need. They can also provide support with inspection, repair, or full valve replacement if required.

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