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Control Valves
The team at Baelz North America is proud to offer two ANSI ISA-certified control valves — the two-way ANSI 365 and the three-way ANSI 367.

To meet clients’ specific application needs, we keep a wide variety of ANSI valve sizes in stock and available for immediate purchase in 150# and 300# pressure classes. Larger valves and some additional sizes are available through special order.

3 Way ANSI ValveANSI Certified Valves Features and Benefits

Our ANSI ISA/ASME-certified valves feature ANSI standard-size flanges, with standard face-to-face dimensions. With these new ANSI valves, users can bolt right up without the use of DIN mating flanges or companion flanges for ANSI piping.

As mentioned earlier, the new models 365 and 367 ANSI ISA-certified valves are available in 150# and 300# valve pressure classes, and are used within a wide range of applications, including those involving:

  • Hot oil
  • Steam
  • Water
  • Energy

Baelz ANSI valves are available in two different configurations:

Stainless Steel Bellows Valve With Cooling Tube (365/367-BK/BBK-SS)

  • These valves are designed for use in higher temperature ranges, with a maximum temperature of 343 ºC, or 650 ºF.
  • These stainless steel components allow for extended life spans of the valves seals and can handle 150,000 reps up and down at 300 ºC.

Non-Bellows Seal Valves (365/367-B/BB)

  • These valves have a maximum temperature of 232 ºC, or 450 ºF.
  • This model does not feature the stainless-steel bellows or extended cooling tubes as mentioned in the previous model.

ANSI Certified Valves from Baelz North America

To learn more about our new ANSI ISA-certified valves, download the technical guides for the 365 and 367 valves. And for more information on Baelz valve offerings, or to discuss your options with an expert, contact the team today.

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