Valves and actuators must be mounted together using a yoke. Yokes are a type of mounting bracket. It uses a coupling to connect the valve stem and actuator stem as well as two brackets that hold the actuator and valve together.

Baelz NA Yokes

At Baelz NA, all our electric and pneumatic actuated vales have a specific matching yoke, by the type and size of the valve body. The table below outlines the yoke needed for your specific valve.

Yoke Model Number S21 S41 S41C

Valve Sizes

  • DN 15mm - 125mm
  • Max Stroke: 12mm - 22mm
  • DN 150mm – 300mm
  • Max Stroke: 44mm - 66mm 
    without bellows seal
  • DN 150mm - 300mm
  • Max Stroke: 44mm - 88mm
    with bellows seal

With or Without Bellows Seal?

With bellows seal and without bellows seal

Without bellows seal

With bellows seal

Available Actuators

  • E07
  • E65
  • E45
  • P21
  • E66
  • P31
  • P41
  • E66
  • P31
  • P41


s21 yoke


s41 yoke


s41c yoke

Contact Baelz NA for Yokes

All Baelz NA yokes are stocked in the United States and always ready for shipment. Our team is committed to providing every customer with high quality and high performance components at low costs. Our complete catalog of cost-competitive equipment and parts includes (but is not limited to):

  • Actuators
  • Automation Skid Packages
  • Control Valves
  • Controllable Ejectors
  • Controllers
  • Engineered Systems

To learn more about our range of valve and actuator components available and how they can benefit your unique application, contact us, or request a quote today. Depending on the circumstances, our yokes are available as a set with one of our actuators or sold separately.