Steam Ejectors

Baelz-Vapordynamic® Steam Ejectors 


Baelz-Vapordynamic® steam ejectors use the same basic components and principles as controllable ejectors to ensure reliable performance and reduced energy costs. Our available models can directly mix steam with water for water heating applications, or condensate reuse, condition saturated steam, or serve as a desuperheater for superheated steam cooling.


Baelz-Vapordynamic steam ejectors can be installed in either recirculation or condensate reuse for efficient performance. 

1. Recirculation Systems  – Recirculation systems are built to increase the performance and efficiency of your machines. Not only can they increase performance by up to 15%, but they also save up to 5% of steam. Recirculation Baelz

2. Compression Systems  – Compression systems save energy, often achieving steam savings between 10% and 30% or mo.

Compression Baelz

Steam ejectors are typically used in the following commercial and industrial applications:

  • Petrochemical Processes
  • Thermal Compressors
  • Oil Distillation and Deodorization
  • Fertilizer Plant Operations
  • Drum Dryers (textile and paper mills)
  • Bakery Ovens

Advantages at a Glance

Baelz steam injectors offer many distinct advantages, including:

  • Energy Savings. Because our steam ejectors reduce the amount of steam loss, the system requires less energy overall to maintain consistent performance.
  • Cost Savings. Reduced energy consumption automatically reduces operating costs.
  • Improved Machine Performance. Because of the superior vacuuming technology, ejectors can work with high pressures and pressures as low as 3 microns HgA. They are also capable of increasing the effective heating surface to 100%.
  • Flexibility/Cross-Compatibility. Steam ejectors are versatile equipment and are applicable in all types of steam systems.
  • Easy Installation/Use. System technicians can easily install steam ejectors because they are lightweight and don’t need foundations.
  • Corrosion and Erosion Resistance. Steam ejectors can be constructed from a variety of materials, including corrosion-resistant materials. Steam ejectors can also be coated with corrosion-resistant layers that offer additional protection.

How They Work

Steam ejectors move high-pressure steam through an expanding nozzle, converting pressure into velocity and creating a vacuum that pulls in gases and vapors. The steam and gas are then thoroughly mixed and passed through the diffuser where the velocity of the gas is converted into the necessary pressure for discharge.

 Steam ejectors ensure a consistent, energy-efficient flow of steam throughout a closed system. They also reduce the collection of condensate in the equipment, allowing for maximized surface area and enhanced performance.

Steam EjectorsSystem Components

Steam ejectors rely on the following components for proper function:

  • Motive Chest
  • Suction Chamber
  • Motive Nozzle
  • Diffuser
  • Pneumatic or Electric Actuator
  • Special Steam Ejection Plug

Baelz Steam Ejector Sizing

Baelz will need to collect key data from you to quickly and properly size a steam ejector for your application. Key data that includes the nominal pressure of the primary steam, the low pressure steam (suction), and the requirement for the high/low pressure mix.  Contact us to begin the sizing process today.


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