Dryer Kiln Control Valves

Green lumber contains a lot of moisture, which can result in numerous issues and complications in the manufacturing process and finished product if not mitigated. Common moisture-related issues include adhesive faults in finished goods, warping and twisting of dimensional lumber, bindings or kicking when machined, buckling or crowning in wood floors, as well as warping and twisting of installed wood floors. Without proper moisture control, these issues can result in millions of dollars of damage.

Kiln drying wood is the process of lowering the material’s moisture levels before use. Control valves are essential components of the kiln and its processes for processing wood. To achieve the best system efficiency, integrity, and safety, it is crucial to buy high-quality control valves. This ensures high levels of system performance, decreased costs, less downtime, and control over the pressures and temperatures of thermal fluids.

2-Way Control Valves

2 Way Control Valves

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3-Way Control Valves

3 Way Control Valves

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High-Quality Control Valves for Dryer Kilns

Baelz North America offers high-performance 2-way and 3-way control valves. You can employ our valves as an urgent system bypass and the right valve can enhance wood processing in many ways, including increased efficiency, enhanced quality, higher levels of consistency, and better energy efficiency. We ascribe our control valves’ superiority to their design using stainless steel bellows, spindles, along with internal plugs.

Control Valves for Dryer Kilns

At Baelz North America , we are the approved North American distributors for Baelz Automatic’s market-leading control valves and valve accessories for dryer kilns. We are experts in a broad range of control system components and can deliver fully integrated, specially-made control valves at your request. We look forward to developing an assembly that satisfies your exact requirements using a variety of actuators, valves, and body-style configurations. Request a quote right away for detailed product or price information and our dedicated staff will be glad to assist you.

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