7020 Digital Positioning Board

For E07, E45, E66 Electric Linear Actuators, & E42 Electric Rotary Actuators

Digital Positioning Board 7020The 7020 Digital Positioner is available for the E07, E45, and E66 electric linear actuators, as well as the E42 electric rotary actuators. This digital positioner is designed to simplify operations for its users. The 7020 Digital Positioner utilizes twelve adjustable DIP switches, unlike our traditional positioner which relies on an analog board and forces the user to enter sequence settings manually. The new digital positioning board enables users to configure the digital positioner as needed (in nearly any order) so that it meets their specific process needs.

The Baelz 7020 Digital Positioner includes a valve positioning function that allows the actuator to be controlled by a 0-5vdc digital input, 0-10V or 4-20mA analog input and output signal.

The 7020 positioner receives and sends positioning signals to and from a PLC or controller. While in operation, it continually tracks the analog input and output signals and compares them to the position of the actuator/valve. This signal monitoring function is most beneficial to users who require control signal feedback for precise positioning of the actuator/valve.

Features & Benefits of the 7020 Digital Positioner


The configuration of the 7020 Digital Positioner is straightforward. This digital positioner auto-calibrates to meet the required minimum and maximum stroke, and as a result, it is more energy-efficient than other models and is suitable for a variety of applications.

  • Auto calibration
  • RS485 Modbus RTU
  • Safe and direct control (e.g. for frost protection)


The digital positioning board is integrated into the E07 Actuator and tested by the manufacturer. After initializing the positioner, we deliver it ready-fitted with the actuator so that it can be used immediately. A manual adjustment is included in the actuator too.

  • User-friendly controls
  • Manufacturer Installed and tested
  • Manual adjustment on the actuator


If external power is disrupted, the actuator will fail in place, and the 7020-digital positioning board will provide error detection and alarm functions. (Note: Baelz actuators must be fitted to the valve before adjusting the 7020 positioner).

Valve Diagnostics

Whereas previous positioners contained two separate boards, the 7020 positioner is a single unit that handles both input and output. With complete control over input and output signals, users can perform diagnostic assessments on control valves more effectively. With the optional WatchDog application, you can further monitor your device in real-time to ensure that essential applications remain active.

Digital Valve PositionerRather than having to dial pods to change the settings, the Baelz 7020 Digital Positioner utilizes a switch to simplify the process. It can also sense and suppress interfering signals to ensure that your process continues without interruption.

By automatically syncing signals rather than forcing users to trace them themselves, the Baelz 7020 Digital Positioner can streamline any process dependent on positioning.

  • Diagnosis for control valve maintenance
  • Watchdog monitoring
  • Detection and suppression of interfering signals

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