About Us

Baelz North America (Baelz NA) is the official supplier of Baelz Automatic components and engineered systems for North America.

Baelz NA has partnered with W. Baelz & Sohn GmbH & Co. to provide energy-saving components and engineered systems that control process heating and cooling  applications.

The Baelz Automatic brand, established in 1896, represents quality at its finest. With Baelz NA you can expect to receive quality products with the added benefit of local representation and shorter lead times.

Baelz cost competitive equipment parts and services include (but are not limited to) controllers, actuators, control valves, controllable ejectors, automation skid packages and engineered systems. Technical sales professionals are available to assist you with component selection, pricing, and support.

Why Baelz North America?

Baelz North America strives to provide our customers with quality products that are efficient. When you choose Baelz NA, you receive:

  • High Product Quality: We keep research and development in-house to find the ideal solutions for our customers.
  • Cost Savings: Long service life, high-quality products, and a focus on sustainability and low energy consumption adds up to big cost savings. 
  • Long System Service Life: We have examples around the world of facilities that have been running their systems without issue for years.
  • System Optimization and Reduction of System Components: The fewer moving parts, the less chance of malfunction. Reducing system components leads to simpler, longer lasting, better running systems.   
  • Sustainability and Low Energy Consumption: We look to nature as a model of efficiency and aim to limit the energy required to run your systems. We value long-term planning and sustainable solutions.

History of Baelz North America

Wilhelm Baelz founded the company in Germany in 1896, building upon his parents’ coppersmith business by adding the production of industrial steam systems. A commitment to innovation led to the introduction of the first weather-dependent controllers, along with control loops, heat exchangers, and electrically and pneumatically driven valves, to market in his home country. That was shortly after World War II; by the early 1950s, he introduced the first vertical steam-water transfer station. The controlled water ejector followed in 1970. 

It only made sense to expand worldwide to meet increasing demand for these products, along with other innovative components and processes for heating, cooling, and control. Baelz NA is part of that global presence. 

Your Valve Supplier—Baelz North America

Over the years, Baelz NA has become a leading control valve manufacturer and supplier. Decades of experience, a commitment to high quality, and attentive customer service makes Baelz NA a go-to source for valves as well as controllers, ejectors, actuators, and more. 

Our control valves come in two-way and three-way models with electrical or pneumatic operation. A wide variety of sizes and designs accommodate many applications in water treatment and power plants as well as in the automotive, food, wood, marine, and chemical industries. While our valves are one of our primary products, we also offer:

  • Actuators: For precision valve control, actuators are essential. Pneumatic linear actuators are commonly used for valves requiring high-speed opening and closing, while electric linear actuators are more precise. 
  • Controllers: With intelligent control and automation functions, temperature controllers can generate and conserve energy. Customized solutions are available for your unique industrial and HVAC requirements. 
  • Ejectors: Controllable nozzle water and steam ejectors offer an energy-efficient process solution.
  • Parts: From digital positioning boards and temperature sensors to valve repair kits, nut, bolts, flanges, we have the parts you need to keep your systems running smoothly. 

Baelz North America is a trusted valve supplier with a rich history of excellence and innovation around the world. With our focus on sustainability, product quality, and cost savings, we’re ready with the customized solutions you need. Contact our experts today to learn more.


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