Water and Wastewater Valves, Actuators, Controllers

With the growing world population and more wastewater released into the ecosystem, its components overburden the natural treatment process. The volume of wastewater could wreak havoc to the environment and its inhabitants if untreated.

The two key terms in sustainable development are isolation and control. Most industrial wastewater water treatment operations are very corrosive and abrasive, demanding heavy-duty machinery. The gear must be secure and dependable while being able to handle those rigorous operating conditions.

Water and Wastewater Valves

Water valves accommodate and manage hot, cold, ground, potable, salty water, and/or wastewater. Their major tasks are serving as a non-return valve, checking for flow, and controlling flow (halting and starting flow).

The control valve is among the valve designs used most frequently in the industrial sector. They aid in maintaining constant conditions throughout the process, enhancing the quality of the end product, along with the cycle.

Baelz Control Valves for Wastewater Applications

At Baelz North America, we offer superior-quality control valves that control the flow of liquid media by closing and opening certain passages to regulate direction, temperature, pressure, and flow level. Our control valves come in two-way and three-way service and are compatible with high-end pneumatic or electric actuators.

  • 2-Way Control Valves: These valves are excellent for controlling settings in various flow streams involving fluctuating pressures, along with simple on/off operations.
  • 3-Way Control Valves: These valves can be set as diverting (two openings serve as outlets to a single inlet) or mixing valves (two openings are inlets and one is an output). These valves are ideal for constant-flow applications.

Water and Wastewater Valve Actuators

Actuators have a motor operating on a worm gearing and provide the output torque needed to move a valve. They are electrically driven machines that change the fluid flow through a valve unit by converting a control input into a rotary or linear activity. They guarantee dependable accuracy, efficiency, and regulation while withstanding high water pressures, high flow rates, harsh temps, and exposure.

Baelz Actuators for Wastewater Applications

Baelz NA offers:

  • Electric Linear Actuators: These translate rotational motion to linear motion. The caged electric model actuator motor features a low moment of inertia and high torque. They have an F-type insulator, which guards against the motor and overheats, and shields the valve from damage. They are also versatile using 115V, 230V, or 24V power supplies and are simple to attach to all DIN or ANSI valves.
  • Linear Pneumatic Actuators: These actuators have a valve position indicator that informs if the valve is open or closed and uses compressed air to manipulate the spindle up or down. The preloaded spring is high-quality, corrosion-resistant, and durable. By offering various spring amounts, they easily satisfy varying torque needs, increasing the valves’ effectiveness in any setting.
  • Electric Rotary Actuators: To operate a particular mechanical instrument, these actuators transform electrical energy into a regulated rotating force. Based on how you fit and regulate them, they may start or stop rotating movements.

Water and Wastewater Temperature Controllers

Temperature control of wastewater is critical to eliminating organic material from sewage. Bacteria are often used to accomplish this and it is imperative that the temperature of the wastewater is kept within a range that allows the bacteria to perform optimally.

The ideal temperature range to allow the bacteria to do their job is between 68°F and 95°F. Temperature below this level can cause the bacteria to function at slower rates, and temperatures above this range can destroy the bacteria, invalidating the entire process.

To maintain the ideal temperature range, wastewater treatment plant operators should use thermoregulatory devices.

Baelz Temperature Controllers for Wastewater Applications

Baelz NA provides digital temperature controllers to match a multitude of temperature ranges, inputs/outputs, volts, connectors, and alarming needs. These effective process control solutions provide simple functionality and management, keeping the temperatures in your system controlled, dependable, and exactly where you desire them to be.

Source Components for Wastewater Flow Control from Baelz

At Baelz NA , we maintain maximum stock levels domestically to assure prompt order fulfillment for our North American clients. Our knowledge of valve technology is unsurpassed, and a full-factory guarantee backs each actuator solution. To learn more about our products, get in touch with us or request a quote today.

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