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In the automotive industry, valves and ejectors play a critical role in a variety of manufacturing operations. Given the high safety and quality standards to which automobiles are subjected, it is essential to u

tilize the best equipment and tools to ensure the necessary specifications are met.

That’s why automotive industry professionals choose Baelz for their valve and ejector needs! Our products offer superior safety and dependability and unmatched quality and integrity, so customers can rely on them for their most critical applications. We offer an extensive selection of products suitable for use in the automotive industry. Below, we highlight some of the applications in which they are commonly used.

Valve and Ejector Applications in the Automotive Industry

Control valves and water ejectors find use in a wide range of standard and specialized automotive industry applications, such as:

  • Paint pretreatment washing operations. Before an automobile can be painted, it must be washed to remove any surface contaminants or residues that can affect the quality of the paint job. The equipment used in these operations—typically heated spray washers—require valves and ejectors to control the flow of the pressurized and heated water streams.  
  • Painting operations. Automobile painting operations utilize various thermal equipment, such as electrostatic paint baths and thermal fluid heated ovens. Valves and ejectors help regulate the flow of thermal fluid through these systems, allowing manufacturers to achieve and maintain the proper thermal conditions.    
  • Tire manufacturing operations. One of the stages of the tire manufacturing process is curing. It utilizes heat and/or pressure to give tires the desired properties (e.g., shape, hardness, and tread pattern). Valves and ejectors help ensure the right temperature and pressure conditions are achieved.
  • Steam/liquid mixing operations. There are many steam/liquid mixing operations involved in the automobile manufacturing process. Due to the nature of these operations, it can be dangerous if the wrong type of equipment is used. Our specialized flanged water ejectors ensure operations proceed efficiently and safely as they eliminate the need for pumps in explosion-prone applications.

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Established in 1896, the Baelz Automatic brand has long served as a prime example of high-quality. Today, our team remains fully committed to providing customers industry-leading products that are durable, dependable, and efficient at a competitive price. In addition to our automation (control) valves and ejectors, we offer a range of other parts and products that support process heating and cooling applications, including, but not limited to, the following: 

  • Actuators
  • Controllers
  • Control equipment
  • Heat exchangers
  • Engineered systems
  • Automation skid packages

Our North American branch—Baelz North America—allows us to provide North American customers with local representation and shorter lead times, ensuring a better customer experience and greater customer satisfaction.

To learn more about our product offerings and how they can benefit your automotive industry applications, contact us today. For specific product or pricing details, request a quote from our experts. One of our representatives will get back to you shortly to answer or address any questions or concerns you may have.

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