Valve & Actuator Repair Services

Our team provides inspection, repair, and bench testing services for Balez valves and actuators. We have trained and certified technicians that have the necessary experience to diagnose, service, and repair your components using their high-level knowledge.

We provide several levels of inspection, repair and system servicing for both valves and actuators as a part of our commitment to support our current and future clients.

Valve Inspection and Repair

There are several indicators that your valve needs repair, including:

  • Valve chatter
  • Fluid leakage
  • Seized plugs

We can provide a variety of replacement components to provide quick solutions for our customers such as:

  • Full replacement valve bodies
  • Stuffing boxes
  • Stainless steel spindles with or without bellows
  • Stainless steel plugs

Repair through the replacement of specific components inside the valve, is the most common solution to most issues. If an internal valve body damage (i.e. damaged casting or plug seat) is the issue, most of the time the best option is to replace the entire valve.

Valve Chattering eBook

Actuator Inspection and Repair

Baelz NA can offer actuator inspection and repair service for our electric or pneumatic linear actuators. Often times major electric actuator issues are much more difficult and it would be more cost-effective to replace the entire actuator. There is also an expense associated with sending the actuator back to the factory for certification that may not be beneficial. As far as pneumatic actuators are concerned, these units are easier to repair. Baelz NA stocks complete diaphragm kits as well as springs to fully refurbish the pneumatic actuators.

Contact a Baelz technician to determine if your actuator can be serviced.

The Baelz NA Repair Process

Our repair process involves multiple steps. These typically include:

  • The customer can either ship the component to our facility or a technician can provide onsite support depending on the scope of support needed.
  • A Baelz NA technician fully analyzes the situation and identifies any faulty components and housing damage. Once the root issue has been identified, our technicians or service team can provide a quote or proposal to resolve the issue.
  • If the customer wishes to have Baelz repair the component, the repair will be scheduled and completed. Baelz NA can also ship the necessary replacement parts to customers if they prefer their service team to perform the repair.
  • If the repair is being performed at the Baelz NA facility, the repaired components will be tested to ensure proper functionality, then returned to the customer for reinstallation into their process system.

The cost of Baelz NA inspections and repairs are based on an hourly rate.
Our repair services can increase the longevity of valves and actuators, avoid costly unexpected downtime, and prevents failures that may create system-wide problems.

At Baelz NA, our repair and testing services ensure that valves and actuators purchased by our customers continue to function properly throughout its lifespan.

Contact us for more information about the testing and repair solutions available from Baelz NA.

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