Baelz 2-Way & 3-Way Valve

Baelz 2-Way & 3-Way Control Valve

Baelz’s 2-way and 3-way bellow seal control valves and actuators for a leak free, long life in high temperature thermal oil and other high temperature liquid applications.

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Valve Ports AB, A, B

Valve Ports AB, A, B

Baelz 3-way valves consist of ports AB, A, B. The ports are bi-directional allowing liquid to flow both ways.

When you blind flange port B the valve is now set up for 2-way service.

Mixing and Diverting configuration

Mixing or Diverting Configuration Using the Same Valve

Baelz 3-way valves can operate in two configurations: mixing or diverting service.

mixing valve has 2 inlets at ports A and B and 1 outlet at port AB.

diverting valve has 1 inlet at port AB and 2 outlets at ports A and B.


Bi-Directional flow, Bellow Seal, Stem

Bi-directional Flow of the Valve Ports

Valve can perform mixing or diverting service. Plug and a stem are used to control the flow through the ports.

Secondary Spring loaded self-adjusting V-Ring Packing

Secondary Spring Loaded Self-Adjusting V-Ring Packing

As an option, Baelz control valves include a cooling tube and bellow seal along with a secondary spring-loaded, self-adjusting V-ring packing.


Valve Components

Valve Components

Includes three main components: the valve body, spindle/yoke, and actuator.


Pneumatic and Electric Actuator Options

Pneumatic and Electric Actuator Options

The Baelz actuator line includes multiple actuator sizes and force ranges (N) for different applications.

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