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Steam Ejectors vs. Water Ejectors

Ejectors are further categorized into steam and water ejectors, depending upon the medium they use to convert energy or produce a vacuum.

Steam Ejectors

Steam Ejectors

Steam ejectors create a vacuum by passing gasses, or steam, through an expanding nozzle, which manages steam expansion and transforms the pressure into velocity. Rather than operating by displacing volume, this controllable ejector type functions on a mass basis. Steam ejectors aren’t particularly well-suited to serve as compressors, but they are ideal for applications that require high vacuum levels. Their benefits include:

Steam ejectors are capable of handling rugged applications in commercial and industrial sectors ranging from oil and gas to food and beverage. Baelz products can mix steam and water directly for applications in water heating or condensate reuse. They can also act as desuperheaters for superheated cooling systems or condition saturated steam.

Water Ejectors

Water Ejectors

Water ejectors operate on highly pressurized water or other related media. These vacuum pumps pass motive fluid through a converging-diverging nozzle, triggering adiabatic expansion from the fluid’s supply pressure to suction load pressure. The potential energy changes into kinetic energy, or velocity, as part of this process, enabling efficient fluid draw-in. The liquids, vapors, and gases mix as they enter, and then they’ll proceed to discharge against the counter pressure. Water ejectors offer:

Water ejectors effectively handle flow-variable recirculation and differential pressure and thermal control while preventing unwanted circulation. For those pumps producing enough differential pressure, these ejectors are capable of replacing water control valves. Energy-saving water ejectors also have applications in research and development departments, mixing and pumping operations, thermal fluid cooling, and the utilities sector for hot water, heating, and ventilation tasks.

To begin, what is an ejector? These simple, efficient devices convert energy. They take the pressure energy of a motive stream and transform it into kinetic, or velocity, energy. Explained another way, ejectors take an induced fluid weight at suction pressure and then move and compress it to exit pressure. This transformed energy entrains a secondary stream. The streams mix before ultimately discharging at an intermediate pressure as a combined stream. These energy-saving components provide reliable energy flow through heat transfer fluids without requiring a pump, and they have common applications in the energy industry as well as ventilation, heating, and hot water applications.

At Baelz North America, our ejector offerings include controllable nozzle steam and water ejector varieties. These devices achieve intrinsic suction power by utilizing a three-way control valve and are compatible with electric and pneumatic actuators. Learn more about ejectors, how they function, the various types available, and how Baelz NA can fulfill the needs of your application with durable, high-quality ejectors you can rely on.

  • How Do Ejectors Work?
    How Do Ejectors Work?

    An ejector operates on Bernoulli’s Principle, a theorem stating that the pressure of a fluid lessens as its velocity increases, with the opposite also being true. First, a highly pressurized motive stream enters the ejector’s nozzle through the motive inlet. The motive stream fluid might be a liquid like water or a gas like steam. The ejector’s converging nozzle increases the speed of the fluid, taking high static pressure and converting it into velocity pressure.

    The high-speed fluid exiting the nozzle creates a low-pressure area, or suction chamber, which draws a secondary fluid such as air or steam into the device through the suction inlet and compresses it. When the primary fluid entrains the secondary fluid, the two fluids mix, accelerate through a diffuser, and exit the discharge outlet, ultimately converting velocity pressure back into static pressure.

  • Ejectors by Baelz

    Ejectors help facilitate various applications, conserving kinetic energy and ensuring reliable energy flow in a wide variety of industries. As Baelz Automatic’s official North American supplier for components and engineered systems, Baelz NA offers ejectors and other products backed by over 100 years of experience and innovation. We specialize in competitively priced, energy-saving solutions for process heating and cooling control in your application.

    Our US team provides short lead times and local representation to domestic clients, but we serve customers all over the world. For industries ranging from automotive, chemical, wood, and wastewater, we supply high-quality, sustainable products that consume less energy and have a long service life. In addition to ejectors, we also offer an array of other component and system solutions, including control valves, temperature controllers, actuators, assemblies, and related parts .

    To learn more about our extensive product catalogue or if you have questions on our line of ejectors, contact us today for more information.

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